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Solo Society


Solo Society is a tailored student community offering 250 rooms for students all over the world in the very heart of Kaunas city, Lithuania. This is the place where everyone gets a comfortable environment for living, studying and working. They provide convenient common spaces and easy to use systems of accommodation with all needed services.

Brand strategy

Brand strategy

Brand position

Analyzing competitors, we saw that all co-living projects only communicate about the benefits of communual living, while the target audience worries most about the potential lack of privacy and would rather have a set of private and communual spaces with clear boundaries of use. These two discoveries helped us realise that Solo Society must be dual - a combination of community and privacy.

Name and slogan

The name gives meaning to the fact that this house becomes a community with individual personalities, while the slogan identifies who can become a member - for all and for every one. Again, this highlights the duality of the brand.

Visual identity

To communicate the message of dualism we created a vibrant identity system that is one the most obvious and easiest to understand. Motives, colors and textures confront each other in halves, which as a whole creates a consistent cohesiveness.

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