Design agency
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we are


We are

strategic design agency, community. 
We create, renew, take care and develop brand identities in the context of visual communication, packaging, editorial, digital world. With the help of design, we solve business and social problems


for us, it is critical thinking, exploration of possibilities. In order to improve and create meaningful changes for people, for society and our clients, it challenges traditional thinking habits. We believe in the process of design to be a tool for problem-solving, that is capable to solve real business and social issues. It is critically important to refine each project problem causality.


are the center axis of the CRITICAL working process. It helps us to focus on meaningful insights, understanding of the user their behavior and tendencies, it empowers us to make critical decisions. We begin our work just after we hear our client, reveal true need and clients desirable result. We value new business partnerships, so we prefer to listen more than to talk. From our experience, we believe that it is better to say no at the right time than say desperate yes.

We work

a lot like most of the companies that create products or creates technologies - which means flat organization structure, constant project revisions, and clear structure. Clients have the ability to communicate with the designer, that is responsible for the project result. 
In the design projects, ingenuousness allows both sides, the client, and the designer, to know one another and go deep into the project. It allows to react to changes quickly and offer solutions that are thoroughly thought through.